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We Give Back to Our Planet

From helping to replant trees here in Dorset, to regular litter picks to keep our oceans clean, from going undercover back in 2012 to try to help Manta Rays get protection through CITES in Bangkok, Maria has always been passionate about trying to make a difference every day to help our planet.

She is very proud to have helped to raise over £4,000 over the years to have helped different charities such as Biteback, Sea Shepherd, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, The Shark Trust, WDCS, The Scuba Trust (helping divers with disabilities), the RNLI among others.

It's very important to use sustainable products here in the studio, recycling all of the inks used and printing on FSC certified papers where possible.  Even some of our furniture is upcycled from the ocean made of driftwood found on the Pembrokeshire Coast and Seaglass.

Passing Children (both large and small :) ) to the Studio are always greeted with an enthusiastic smile and encouraged to learn about ocean life when they stop to gaze at the many images adorning the space.  It's a huge passion to be able to share that passion of the ocean and hopefully be able to make a tiny difference every day.

If you have any ideas as to how I can help you too, then please get in touch.  I'd love to reach out too.

Have a lovely day and many thanks for taking the time to visit.