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Learn Underwater Photography Courses in Swanage, Dorset

Do you think that taking beautiful underwater images requires equipment that costs a fortune? Well I'd love to help show you how to take incredible, award-winning underwater images, the easy way without the need for big, heavy equipment.

Yes, of course quality gear is essential to keep your equipment safe, but this does not need to cost the earth, you can take incredible underwater images with just your phone.  

My new “beginners to winners” course is tailor-made to exactly what you would like to learn.  A half day (£50) will include the following:-

  • Introduce you to equipment needed to take beautiful images underwater
  • Help you to master key settings to capture your favourite subjects in an easy-to-understand way.  A previous knowledge of ISOs, Apertures and Shutter Speeds is helpful, but not necessary.
  • Prepare you for any up-coming snorkelling or diving trips with a special e-guide to settings to capture your destination beautifully.

A full day (£150) will include all of the above plus:-

  • Extensive "Get Creative With Your Camera" helping to master the very unique and special art of creating beautiful images using different equipment such as wide-angle lenses, macro lens to bring out the detail and textures of tiny subjects.
  • Introduction to Lighting Techniques - Natural Light -v- External Lighting.  Which one works best for which situation and what kind of equipment will you need to capture it.

Add-On In-Water Practice Session (£45):-

  • A one hour snorkelling session to practice (you must be an experienced snorkeller or have taken a previous course with me).  This can be added onto either the half day or full day course.

Equipment is available to view and borrow from the studio at no extra cost and includes:-

Go Pro:- Close-Up Lens, Wide Angle Lenses and Video Lights 

iPhone:-  Sealife Sport Diver Housing suitable for either an iPhone or Android

Olympus/Canon Compact Cameras:  Wide Angle Lenses, Lights, Video Lights, Torches and External Strobes/Snoots

Visit my website at to see the kinds of images that I can help you take both here at home in Dorset and overseas.

Each course is tailor-made to exactly what you would like to achieve and a personalised guide with full ongoing support is available afterwards, wherever you are in the world.  My passion in life is to help you take beautiful images.