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Happy Guests

I'm not sure where to start but the feedback ever since I started helping guests whether that's been locally helping to set up "Plastic Free Purbeck" from our local Councillors, Guests who've visited my studio in Wareham and Swanage over the past 8 years or those who I've helped with their underwater photography has been completely humbling.  I'm so happy that I get a chance to help others to achieve their dreams and I look forward to helping you too.


"Maria is a wonderful person who gave me the confidence to overcome my fear of putting my head in water.  She is super patient and easy to get along with.  The morning was spent teaching me how to get a great underwater shot and spoke in simple ways as requested and in the afternoon we put my learning into practice.  I even saw my first ever fish in the sea!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maria, you have opened the door to so many new adventures." 

Heather Norman, Snorkelling Course, Swanage - August 2022 


"What a fantastic day with Maria.  Anyone that has the patience to teach someone like myself who is hyperactive and the most impatient person there is needs to be known about.  Anyone seeking advice or is interested in this line of photography, look no further than this lady, Maria Munn.  I've left Swanage today knowing that this is something I really want to take further.  Thank you Maria.

Leon Slade, Underwater Photography Course, Swanage - July 2022


"I don't think I could be taking the shots I take without having the fundamentals and basics of shooting underwater clearly understood and that his where Maria has really helped me.  Having a book that helps me understand the essential elements of underwater photography using a compact camera that delivers amazing results. is a must for any aspiring underwater photographer.  It was such a help to me to execute the basics then start to innovate techniques building on those basics using snoots and filters but always based on Maria's fundamentals.  I now have the confidence to shoot with more advanced kit but still stick to the principles Maria gave me through her book."

Phil Hetherington, Underwater Photography Book - May 2022