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A beautiful sunrise on the River Frome

Monday morning, and the start of training to work as an HCA at my local community hospitals including those at Wareham and Swanage and I couldn't have asked for a more lovely start to the day.

The colours on the river change on a daily basis, sometimes they're orange, sometimes pink, and on a very foggy or misty morning, you can't see anything at all.  But it's always a calming place to feel better after a difficult shift, walk Simba and take in the glorious views.

This was taken with my phone, and edited on it.  I have been using my phone a lot as I have very little time between working, training and travelling for work at the moment.  Snapseed is a great app to use and I converted the original image to HDR which you can see here.  It's really helped to enhance the glorious colours that were visible.

More camera tips will be on the way, so keep watching this space!   I hope you find this useful..

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