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Getting Started in Underwater Photography Book

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Today I am completely pinching myself to believe that I have just finished writing my third book. This book shows how complete beginners can take beautiful images with even a phone, Go Pro or small compact camera and explores the different settings and effects that extra lenses and lights have.  There is also an extensive composition chapter.  It is 190 pages long but it takes you around the world from Alaska to Mexico, England to USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and more.  A huge thank you to Phil Hetherington - UK, Dottie Benjamin and Tess - USA, David Oliveira - Portugal/Dubai and Ben Oitt from France for all their help.  I am so nervous but yet so excited too! I have designed it all myself too in the hope of raising money to buy wetsuits to take local children snorkelling this summer in Swanage and teach them about the ocean.

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