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Hand-Made Christmas Gifts in Swanage

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It was a very quiet Christmas (my choice) but it was lovely to see returning guests to Swanage and to be able to create their Christmas Gifts for them.  These two ladies are nurses in London and I loved helping them to create canvas and coaster gifts for them and their families.

I also created some new gift ideas for the studio such as the turtle on glass which is shown in the picture with me.  It is an A3 size and it was so touching to see a chap literally turn up to the studio and demand that he have it to suprise his wife who was having coffee in Love Cake.  She loved swimming with turtles when she was in Barbados and he wanted this to remind her of the experience.  I loved knowing the story of where it was going to.

If I can help you create a gift to, just drop me a message and let me know.  I can always make it on a same or next day service, depending on the stock that I have available.  I always hand-design each gift, carefully looking over each one for any unwanted blobs or trees, updating you every step of the way to surprise you with a beautiful gift.

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