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Maria Munn's Life Saved by St James Hospital in Leeds, Yorkshire

March also turned out to be an incredibly busy month and was super proud to be in the Yorkshire Post to hopefully inspire others who go through life-changing injuries that there can be hope to find a passion and purpose in life as well as beauty around our coastline.

It has been a passion of mine to help cover hospital staff shortages whilst I'm not in my studio to give others hope and strength to go through difficult times and I owe the hughest thank you to the team at St James' Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary for this.

I was hoping to get up there to work a few shifts with the Orthopaedic, ICU and Spinal Teams but sadly due to being injured after being on the Covid Frontline, that wasn't to be.  Hopefully though I'll still be able to inspire others through future projects in the pipeline.

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