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More money raised today for Poole Hospital

A big part of my photography work since 2001 has always been about helping those around me wherever part of the world I've been in.

I'm so happy to say that finally, after 5 years of working as a night time care assistant here in Dorset, that my project is finally getting off the ground to raise money for the Royal British Legion here in Dorset and the hospital where I used to work at, Poole Hospital.

50p from the sales of every gift card sold here goes to help fill up the boxes that I have here in the studio, and am so chuffed that with the sunshine today, the boxes are getting heavier!

The special Poppy Visions Gifts Collection is definitely catching the eyes of passers-by and it is really special for me to see visitors liking my work.

A special thank you goes today to everyone who has popped into my shop since I opened over 2 years ago, there'll be special chocolates from tomorrow to celebrate.

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