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Plastic Pollution Awareness and Ocean Research Trip

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So some of you might know that I got injured in the line of NHS duty and despite physiotherapy, I was still walking slower than a snail and decided to sell everything I could, jump on a cheap as chips plane and stay with locals in a hut over the sea where sharks would swim underneath me. The goal was to practice swimming as much as possible and with so much plastic in the ocean, it's safe to say that I had plenty of opportunity to do just that.  I met so many incredible people on my travels who I am proud that I am still in touch with from the States, to Portugal, Holland, France and Dubai.  I came back refreshed, reset with new ideas to try out and although I am still scared (who wouldn't be when they realise that they are never going to walk like before for the rest of their lives), I'm feeling more excited than ever before about the future.  After being run over twice, it really was Covid that got me.  Just determined to make every moment count as much as I can.

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