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Welcoming Heather to Swanage


It was such an incredible day helping to introduce Heather to the ocean for the first time and prepare her for an up-coming trip to swim with orcas in Norway here in Swanage Bay last August visiting me from neighbouring Wiltshire to develop her sea skills.

We. met at the Swanage 1859 cafe in the early morning and went through all the necessary snorkelling and photography skills that she needed to know before heading straight to the ocean to practice.   You would never have guessed that it was Heather's first time in the ocean, she became a natural within a few fin kicks and fell in love with looking at her new-found world underneath her, commenting "I've just seen my first fish that's not on a plate!"

We went on to practice skills under the pier to gain Heather's confidence in her abilities finishing the day with another hot drink at 1859.  I was super touched to receive a message from her on her second day in Norway with an image that she had taken whilst seeing the orcas underwater.  This is what she had to say:


"Maria is a wonderful person who gave me the confidence to overcome my fear of putting my head in water.  She is super patient and easy to get along with.  The morning was spent teaching me how to get a great underwater shot and spoke in simple ways as requested and in the afternoon we put my learning into practice.  I even saw my first ever fish in the sea!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maria, you have opened the door to so many new adventures."

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