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Your Photos on Canvas - Same Day Service Arrives at Swanage

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It's just been the BEST week ever being here in Swanage helping guests with their underwater photography skills and creating beautiful canvas prints for visitors too.  

Mandy (pictured here with this incredible canvas image) came to me asking if photos taken with her phone would be good enough to create canvas prints.  Absolutely!  was my answer and the quality delivered from this new Canon Printer really is beyond belief with incredible detail being shown in the waves and droplets of water on the shore.

Prices start at just £15 for a 12 x 8 inch print stretched over our new Economy Range of 18 mm stretcher bars or £20 for our usual gallery 38 mm style.  All bars are sourced from FSC sources and packaged with plastic-free packaging.

My ambulance colleagues have just walked in asking for help turning their images into wall art.  I couldn't honestly be any happier :) 

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