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My Durdle Door Picture Made it to BBC News & The Bournemouth Echo :)


Welcome to a view of Durdle Door that you haven't seen before!



Well, I'm still pinching myself to believe that the past couple of weeks happened. I worked my shoes off all summer to save up to buy my underwater camera equipment back, after having to sell it when I came back from going undercover in a shark-finning market to help manta rays and sharks be protected and only had the system for 5 days when taking this shot.  Furthermore to add to this incredible story, I'd just come off a night shift at Poole Hospital and had 2 hours sleep before wearily heading down the steep hill on my crutches. 

But once I was in the water, I had so much fun splashing around and I absolutely adored playing with the baby pollack that were in the shallows.  The waves were picking up and there was a lot of movement, so I was surprised that this came out as well as it did.

So, in just a week it appeared twice in the Bournemouth Echo, it also appeared in the Swanage & Wareham Advertiser, BBC South News Picture of the Day on Instagram as well as on their Facebook page and I found out last night on my shift at Southampton that it appeared on the Weather Section of the BBC News as well.

How incredible is that?  I'm really excited about turning it into a variety of glass and crystal gifts this coming week.

To celebrate I had my first night out of the year meeting up with other incredible local photographers at a Street Photography Event held by The Echo and Castle Cameras.  If anyone is ever looking for camera equipment, I can't recommend Castle Cameras in Winton enough.  Karen and Graham pictured here, were so incredibly helpful and willing to help everyone during the evening.


So that's it from me, it's been incredible being back in the studio and am really looking forward to spending more time here now.

Have a lovely week :) 



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