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World Oceans Day at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

What a way to spend World Oceans Day at the National Oceanography Centre on Saturday and I was so proud to have been invited there. It was incredible to learn about all the work that they are doing, to learn about microplastics and seeing them under the microscope. Although it was really scary to learn how many more plastics are being found in our ocean.  

I learnt about different species that have been found, saw species that I hadn't seen since my days at the Shark and Manta Ray Fishing Market where I was Indonesia back in 2012 and even discovered a fish called a "Blob Fish."

I also learnt about a "Cock-Eyed Squid" which incredibly has it's left eye larger than it's right eye as it uses the left one to hunt for prey and the right one to keep an eye on predators.  

If you ever have the chance to visit, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Have you made a pledge for World Oceans Day?

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